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Monitor Battery Health

Get a comprehensive look at your batteries current health status.

4-Step Full Cycle Charging

Maximize your battery life. Follow the interactive three step

Charging method to get the most out of your battery.

Usage Analysis

Get an in-depth look into your battery with accurate

usage times for a multitude of tasks.

Battery saving tips

from the experts

Learn how to increase battery life and keep your

battery healthy. Smart phones aren't cheap, protect

your investment.

5 Professional Tools

From measuring to leveling, Carpenter provides you

with every tool you’ll ever need.

Plumb Bob Level

The easiest way to verify the verticality of lines or walls.

Surface Level

The best tool to ensure that any surface is flat and level.

Bubble Lever Bar

A digital level for a digital age. Ditch that old hardware

store level for something new and improved.


Measure whatever need in both inches and centimeters.

Swipe left/right to measure more than the screen!


A simple and fast way to measure angles from 0 to 180 degrees.

Unlimited Ringtones

Unlimited means unlimited. Ringtones, Text Tones,

Alarm Tones, Calendar Alerts, Reminder Alerts, Mail


Sound Effects

Customize your ringtones with sound effects.

Have fun with personalized ringtones.

Voice Recording

Turn your voice recordings into Ringtones.

Sing, talk, whatever you want.

Manage Your Library

Keep all your ringtones in one place.Organize them and share them with friends.

Instant On

Launch Flashlight and instantly get a bright LED torch. Works when you want it and when you need it.

Built-In Compass

Find your way around with our clever little compass. North.South.East.West. Enough said.

Strobe & SOS

Great for parties, clubs, or emergencies. No matter the WHERE... We've got you covered.

Brightness Adjustment

Movie Theater. Outdoors. Dark Restaurant. Just the right amount of light for every occasion.

Translate everything instantly.

Get fast and accurate translations for words and

phrases. The most powerful mobile translation tool.

Featuring 52 commonly spoken languages

Translate to and from English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Russian, Portuguese,

the list goes on... and more are on the way.

Text-To-Speech translations

Get native speaker pronunciation, perfect for every-

thing from language learning or ordering a coffee in a

foreign country.

Save favorite translations to Phrase Book

Easily access all those hard to remember word and phrase translations.

Translation with social integration

Share translation to other apps or across multiple social networks.

Ready. Set. Scan!

Find products out in the wild and begin scanning.

Bar codes, QR codes, no problem.

Thousands of Deals & Coupons

Get coupons from over 1000 brands and retailers.

Save on items online or locally, we've got them both.

Get Reviews & More

Get detailed product info for anything you want.

Get the lowest prices around

Easily find the lowest price online or in a local store near you and compare retailers.

Make purchases within the app

No need to launch other apps or browse the web. Buy whatever

you need without leaving the app.

Wish Lists

Save you favorite items for later. Share them with you friends via Email.


All scanned items are automatically saved for easy access.

Modern. Minimalistic. Functional.

Design meets functionality, the most feature rich mobile alarm app.

Unlimited custom alarms

Wake up to your favorite music, podcast, audiobook or select

from a variety of alarms. tones.

Up-to-day weather forecasts and more

4-Day local & international weather forecasts

Fall asleep gently with sleep mode

Select from music, playlists, audiobooks or sound effects, then a time period and relax.

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